Starting a new project! “A Light in The Dark”

Just as the title says! I’m going to keep the main devlog on TIGSource since it’s a bit more exciting to post it where you feel like people will see it, but I’ll be making posts here too whenever there’s something significant to show. For now though, here’s an excerpt from my first post there explaing what the project is about:

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Hack n Slash n Glitch – Kenney Jam 2017

Hey everyone! Here’s the game I made for the Kenney Jam 2017, with the theme “It’s a feature, not a bug!”. To be honest… I didn’t like the theme, but it’s probably just me being grumpy because I couldn’t come up with any good idea that was artsy or had good mechanics.

I had fun making it though! And that’s the spirit I aim for when participating in a jam. You can get the project code over at Github (surprisingly decent/readable until the final stretch) and play the game here!

Ruins of Time remake demo

So, I finished a simple demo for the Ruins of Time remake! You can play it over here.

This project was mostly to experiment some techincal stuff (source control and a style guide) and exercise my “gamedev muscles”. I achieved that, so I’ll be leaving it as is, and will move on to other new (and hopefully more interesting!) ideas. If you’re interested in checking it out though, the project can be found on Github.


Got first place at a game jam!


Last weekend, I participated in a special game jam here in Chile organized by LA.PCERA. Why special? Besides being a competition with a $1000 USD prize, the jam was about making games for scientific divulgation, a really respectable goal. I just went for the fun of the jam, especially since this time I was participating with friends (I usually go solo and join a team on site) and I never really thought about the prize… until I won! Totally unexpected…

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Thoughts on the Ruins of Time remake

As I mentioned in my previous post, my next project is making a remake of Ruins of Time, my first “serious” game.

Why am I doing this again? Well, my creative juices are kinda dry… A bit too dry to come up with interesting experimental games… So I want to tackle something simpler first: remaking an old game of mine using my current skills (an idea I got thanks to the Remake Jam), hopefully with an interesting twist. I also want to take the chance to focus less on design and more on technical/process aspects.  Let’s hope it helps!

Ideas for the remake

Faded Backgrounds

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I’m alive!

So… I’ve been kinda absent over the past few months. Sorry ’bout that. But thankfully I’m not dead! Just busy with other aspects of life. I did make a couple of games though that I haven’t shared here, and since I got some more time now,  a couple of interesting plans for the near future.


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