Jamming at Videogame Extreme Workshop 2014


Last weekend, I went to VGEW, Chile’s most important annual gamejam. It’s my first time going (and my first time going to a jam ever), so it was pretty exciting. It was great experience, so I’m going to tell you about it now, although I’ll try to avoid boring you with the details.

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Me and Festigame 2014

So, just like last year, I visited Festigame, Chile’s biggest game festival. It was awesome! These people definitely know how to organize an event, and they get better each year. For the 2013 blog post I just narrated some of the highlights, but this time I’m going to be doing an overview of my whole visit.

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Life’s Impetus Devblog #7 – To Make People Talk

Hey! It’s been such a long time, hasn’t it?

But, I think I can confidently say that I’m done with Sky’s Isles. Thus, it’s time to concentrate Life’s Impetus once again. So, what am I going to talk about this time, then? Well, this devblog is going to be about the cutscene system (AKA the conversation system). One of the most important parts of LI will definitely be the dialogue, so I want to make sure it’ll be as interesting as possible not only from a content perspective, but also from a presentation perspective. I’ll be looking into the different features I have planned and how I will (probably) implement them.

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Sky’s Isles Postmortem


Sky’s Isles was a game I made for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. The goal was to make any game in any engine in a month, and I decided to make a hand drawn 2D platformer shooter, the main twist being that it took place in a world of small floating islands which you could explore in a hot air balloon. Before we look into what I got right and what I got wrong, it’s probably useful to check what exactly I was hoping to achieve with this project:

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