Life’s Impetus – 2nd Year Postmortem


Life’s Impetus is now two years old. Time flies, doesn’t it?
Just like last year, I’ll be looking at what I did this year, what I got right, and what I got wrong. It’s mostly an analysis of how I worked, so I won’t be talking much about the game itself, just the work process. So, let’s start!

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Quote ~ The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Moon Children

“Your friends… What kind of… people are they? I wonder… Do these people… think of you… as a friend?”

“What makes you happy? I wonder…what makes you happy…does it make…others happy, too?”

“The right thing…what is it? I wonder…if you do the right thing…does it make…everybody…happy?”

Your true face… What kind of… face is it? I wonder… The face under the mask… Is that… your true face?

Hiatus has ended!

I’m glad to announce that my year’s end hiatus has ended! Still have some stuff to look into, but I’m mostly free to work on Life’s Impetus now. Next weekend I’ll be posting my 2014 postmortem (which probably won’t be that positive…) and after that I’ll return to the usual devblog/blogpost schedule.

Well, there’s not much more to say than that… Time to get to work!