So a few days ago I was rambling on Twitter about how “unstable” I’ve been this year. Instead of advancing in a steady direction, I’ve been constantly questioning myself, and starting, abandoning, or failing at a multitude of things. I was ranting on Twitter because, after around 60 work hours, I’ve decided to abandon yet another thing: the short one month game I was working on to define the kinds of games I want to make.

And why am I abandoning it?

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First prototype for my new project!

Play it here!

Hey! As I said, the development for this game is going to be quick, and I already made a quick prototype. The controls are arrow keys for movement and spacebar for a sword attack. The goal is to get the highest score you can in 30 seconds by defeating enemies or gathering coins. I’d really appreciate it if you could anwser these questions:

  • Is if fun?

  • What score did you get on your first try?

  • Did you try again? If so, did you manage to improve your score?