Script is done!

Finished writing the script for my VN! As I mentioned in my last post, that means I’ll be shelving this project for now and turning my concentration 100% to finishing and releasing Dreams and Reality. I’m excited about that, so I hope you are too!



So what’s next?

After a couple of busy months, I’ve started to settle in my new routine, and thus should have more free time. More free time means more time for gamedev, but I’ve been wondering lately exactly what I should be aiming for now. I finally took the time to sit down and decide what’s my plan for the near future, and this is what I got:

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Ludum Dare #35 Liveblog!

Friday 15th April


It has begun! Well, it actually started an hour and a half ago, but I’m starting the liveblog¬† now. The theme for this year is shapeshifting. I just finished the first brainstorming session with my partner and we both agreed that we should take a less obvious approach than simply having a shapeshifting character.

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I’m participating in Ludum Dare #35!

You may remember Mr.Mine, a game I made in a weekend last year for Ludum Dare #33. Well, I’m finally participating in another Ludum Dare, and it’s this weekend! Most of gamedev lately has just consisted of writing, so I’m looking forward to making something playable. And I’m not alone! I’ll be working with the chilean composer Felipe Salinas. I’ve never worked with him before… but that’s a point of a game jam!

I’ll be making a live blog like last time, so look forward to it!