Weekly games… begin!

And so we start! As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m going to be jamming and making a game every week for the next few weeks (although probably only January). I finally decided on the theme I wanted these game to have, and that’s what I want to tell you about. The theme is going to be “relations”, and here’s the title/logo for this ‘anthology’ I’ll be making:


Besides an important inspiration from personal experiences, my main other inspiration is a game from the MindfulXP collection I like greatly, Connections. In essence, it does the exact same I want to do with these week long games: it’s a game with meaning through “mechanics, dynamics, interactions, and all the things that make games ‘games'”, and the meaning it wants to convey has to do with human relations.

Am I not being a bit uncreative with my theme then? Well, I thought so at first too… but thinking about it more, I realized that human relations is a really rich topic, and there’s tons of stuff I could cover that weren’t covered in Connections, or I could cover similar topics but in greater detail. But really, in the end… it’s a topic I really care about, and that’s the most important motivation I could ask for.

I’ll be posting the games here as I finish them. The idea is to do it on Saturdays, so that I may have a “rest day” before the next game, but who knows, I might finish it before or after. Regardless, please look forward to them!


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