Weekly games… begin!

And so we start! As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’m going to be jamming and making a game every week for the next few weeks (although probably only January). I finally decided on the theme I wanted these game to have, and that’s what I want to tell you about. The theme is going to be “relations”, and here’s the title/logo for this ‘anthology’ I’ll be making:


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December and onwards

With December coming to a close, it’s a good time to ask “what did I do in December?”. Before that though, it might make more sense to ask “what did I want to do in December?”. I mentioned my current project vaguely in my last post about my Ludum Dare entry: an”open world puzzle game like The Witness… with Metroidvania-style elements. ” The plan was to make not a finished game but a “proof of concept” kind of demo during the summer, where the timeline was something like:

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Ludum Dare #37 – Let Me Out

Whew… It’s be a while, but I’m back! And it’s finally time to start something new.

I was busy during the weekend but I was free on Monday, so I decided to participate in the Ludum Dare. Instead of just making a game for fun though, I wanted to jam with a purpose: develop a prototype for my current game idea. And so I did. It’s nothing too special, but it contains the base mechanics of my current idea, and it has pretty cool to be able to test them out.

What is my current idea you may ask? I still haven’t worked out the details, but I want to make an open world puzzle game like The Witness… with Metroidvania-style elements. What this means exactly, I don’t know yet, but when I do, I’ll write about it here!

Ludum Dare #36 – Cooking Caveman!

Hey everyone!

I didn’t do a live blog as usual, but I participated in last weekend’s Ludum Dare! The theme was “Ancient Technology”, so I decided to go for something really ancient and make a game about fire. The result is “Cooking Caveman”, a game where you play as a caveman cooking pieces of meat. I only managed to participate on one day, so it isn’t really polished (the mechanics are kinda meh) but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless!

Play it here!

What made an unimpressive game stand out


It was the final presentation of the Fukushima Game Jam.

My team and I were showing off our game. Since the organizers of the event were in Japan, our display was being streamed live to them, and when we finished, they gave us their opinion: it has potential, keep on working on it. Good right? But what made their comment special is that, out of all the teams here in Chile, we were the only ones who were told to keep on developing our game.

To be honest, our game wasn’t that great, and some of the other games looked much better than ours, so I wondered why us? What made our game stand out among the others? That’s what I hope to answer in this post.

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What’s next? bis.

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I released Dreams and Reality. I took a good break in between, and now it’s time to move on, but not without looking back first. This blog post will have two parts to it: first, a half rant/half post-mortem on Dreams and Reality, and then a second part where I actually talk about my future plans. If you don’t feel like reading me rant about stuff, skip on to the second part!

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