“group” postmortem

Hiya! This is a postmortem on my first weekly game in the “Us.” anthology, group. You can play it here. I’d love to say I’d do the usual and say what I did right and what I did wrong, but this postmortem is just going to be about what I did wrong… But hey, they say you learn more from your mistakes, right?


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December and onwards

With December coming to a close, it’s a good time to ask “what did I do in December?”. Before that though, it might make more sense to ask “what did I want to do in December?”. I mentioned my current project vaguely in my last post about my Ludum Dare entry: an”open world puzzle game like The Witness… with Metroidvania-style elements. ” The plan was to make not a finished game but a “proof of concept” kind of demo during the summer, where the timeline was something like:

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Dreams and Reality Screenshot Saturday #4

I’ve just been bombarding you constantly with nothing more that pictures, have I… I promise to give you more substantial blog posts once I’m done with DaR, but for the time being I hope you enjoy these screenshots.
I’m finally seeing the end of the tunnel, which feels great, but there’s still a lot of important areas I need to work on (like audio). I did take a moment to assess exactly how much work was left though, and sadly it seems I won’t meet my (self-imposed) deadline. It’s not that bad though, since it’ll just take around a week or two more than I thought, so I’m still going for an early January release.

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Dreams and Reality Screenshot Saturday #3

Hey! I’ve been working slow and steadily on DaR, and I have some pretty nice screenshots for you today. My current focus has been to finish up art assets, and once that’s done, I’ll be able to move on to adding the functionality that’s still missing (like making the game winnable). If all goes well I should be able to release the game in early January, so look forward to that!

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