“group” postmortem

Hiya! This is a postmortem on my first weekly game in the “Us.” anthology, group. You can play it here. I’d love to say I’d do the usual and say what I did right and what I did wrong, but this postmortem is just going to be about what I did wrong… But hey, they say you learn more from your mistakes, right?


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December and onwards

With December coming to a close, it’s a good time to ask “what did I do in December?”. Before that though, it might make more sense to ask “what did I want to do in December?”. I mentioned my current project vaguely in my last post about my Ludum Dare entry: an”open world puzzle game like The Witness… with Metroidvania-style elements. ” The plan was to make not a finished game but a “proof of concept” kind of demo during the summer, where the timeline was something like:

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Dreams and Reality Screenshot Saturday #4

I’ve just been bombarding you constantly with nothing more that pictures, have I… I promise to give you more substantial blog posts once I’m done with DaR, but for the time being I hope you enjoy these screenshots.
I’m finally seeing the end of the tunnel, which feels great, but there’s still a lot of important areas I need to work on (like audio). I did take a moment to assess exactly how much work was left though, and sadly it seems I won’t meet my (self-imposed) deadline. It’s not that bad though, since it’ll just take around a week or two more than I thought, so I’m still going for an early January release.

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