Sky’s Isles Screenshot Gallery #1

Hey! I honestly haven’t been keeping you up to date with the game, but I’ve finally reached a state where I can comfortably show screenshots. I was originally going to post this to Screenshot Saturday, but as you can guess, it’s kinda late for that…

But, what is Sky’s Isles? It’s a 2D platformer/shooter adventure game. It takes place in world of floating isles where everyone lives alone. But, when monsters invade and the peace is broken, it is time to leave your island. You take your trusty bow and arrow and leave in a hot air balloon, thus starting your search for other people. That said, let’s look at the screenshots!

Sky's Isles SS_1

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Sky’s Isles Devblog #1 – Moving and Ballooning

Hey! As I mentioned in my last post, I’m starting work on a new game for a contest: Sky’s Isles. This week was mostly about getting the main controls in place. As the game is a platformer (something I haven’t done before), I learnt a lot, and in this devblog I’ll be talking about that.

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So, I’m taking a break to work…

Yep, it’s just as the title says. I’m taking a break from Life’s Impetus… but I’m still going to be working on a game. Not just any game though; it’s a game for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. In this post I’ll mainly explain my reasons for entering the contest and talk a bit about my idea.

igmc banner

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