I’m ceasing development on Life’s Impetus

Yep. Just as the title says. I’m ceasing development after having worked on it for two years. I’m guessing this will come as a surprise for most of you, so sorry for not having hinted at it earlier. …Let’s get right into it.

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Life’s Impetus Devblog #12 – Inception of the Fountain

It’s been a while once again, hasn’t it? I’ve decided to switch to a less frequent posting schedule for now, so don’t expect much more than a devblog a month or so. The good thing though is that this means that I have more to talk about each devblog. Let’s get started then!
A couple of months ago, I talked about the Fountain of Life, a central element in Life’s Impetus. It’s so important that I’ve even spent almost a month working on it… but it was worth it (I think). In this devblog, I’ll be focusing on the process behind creating the art asset now, so if you wanna know a bit more about the lore behind the Fountain of Life I recommend you to check out this devblog.

Creating the Fountain

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Life’s Impetus – 2nd Year Postmortem


Life’s Impetus is now two years old. Time flies, doesn’t it?
Just like last year, I’ll be looking at what I did this year, what I got right, and what I got wrong. It’s mostly an analysis of how I worked, so I won’t be talking much about the game itself, just the work process. So, let’s start!

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Hiatus has ended!

I’m glad to announce that my year’s end hiatus has ended! Still have some stuff to look into, but I’m mostly free to work on Life’s Impetus now. Next weekend I’ll be posting my 2014 postmortem (which probably won’t be that positive…) and after that I’ll return to the usual devblog/blogpost schedule.

Well, there’s not much more to say than that… Time to get to work!